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Hotel Amano und Ibis, Berlin-Mitte: Brandschutzkonzept von Stephanie Tarelkin I Brandschutz, Sachverständige für vorbeugenden Brandschutz Berlin

Foto I © Jens Bösenberg


The Building

Humboldthafen along Spree river · Central Station · 

 · Rooftop terrace · Eight stories · Below the high-rise building limit 

Challenges During the Planning Phase
  · Building parts leading into one another over the corner in a less than 90-degree angle

 · A shared garage with the neighboring hotel and joint alerting in case of fire

 · A rooftop terrace above two neighboring fire compartments​


Services Rendered 

 · Fire protection concept for building components 1 and 2 (two hotels)

 · Coordination with all planning parties and the Berlin Fire Department, evacuation and rescue plans

 · Involvement in the planning process

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